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3/2008 -A great deal of time has pasted since anything new and extiting has happed here, but now is the time, the hour is at hand, Lyle and myself will be adding all of the music, videos and pictures we can muster to the site here, giving it its final and complete update spanning the life of Anti Freeze. - Johnny B.

7/8 -Wow! Its been a while since theres be any updates, my bad! Well, we're adding some more live videos; their some of our fist shows so they should be very amusing. We also plan to do some more shows in the near future. Look for us at Sound Idea, Brass Mug & Madhatters.

4/26 -Our new mp3s are stating to appear on, so be on the look out for our new cd at We will also have the new cd at shows too! We also have another show May 5 @ Sound Idea, Brandon

4/17 -We got even more mp3s! Weve added 3 more live tracks so check um out! Also another shows posted; this saturaday, April 21 @ Sound Idea, Brandon

4/10 - We been updating the site lately, if ya didnt notice. We also have 3 new songs on the Multimedia page! Oh Yeah, we got a show at The Refuge on May 30 too.


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