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1/4/04 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Im back agian with more updates! More Transfomers episodes added! More Anime added including Macross 7 & the hard to find Chrono Trigger OVA. Also added an Anime Romz page featuring great games for the NES, SNES and GBA!.

11/8/03 - Added 2 more Gao Gai Gar episodes to the Anime page by request! I will also be adding some eps next week including Macross 7.

10/29/03 - Wow! is been a while since I added some new stuff! Check out the Convention page for some nice photos from the Tokyo Hobby Show 03 (Courtesy HLJ). I should also have some new Anime and Transformers episodes up by this weekend.

8/17/03 - Updated the Anime page with another 6 series including GaoGaiGar, FLCL & Excel Saga. Also added some more Transformers episodes.

8/11/03 - Added a Desktops page a few days ago, if you didnt notice. Got a few desktops on it, but more will be coming soon.

7/28/03 - Well Im back home now! Had some problems with uploading the photos yesterday, but their all ok now, so have a look at OTFCC 03! Also have more info about the new Transformers lines "Energon & Alternators"

7/26/03 - Tons of OTFCC 03 photos online!! Check um` out

7/25/03 - Got some shots of the Hotel Exclusive and the Convention Exclusives plus some other swag check it out on the OTFCC page!! New Update 11 PM!

7/25/03 - WooHoo!!! Pre-Reg begins today!!! Hopefully by tonight I'll have some photos of the excusives after the dinner lets out.

7/23/03 - Touched down in Chicago today, Im gonna be checking out the town before the con.

7/19/03 - Just added some nice shots of 20th Anniversery Prime (Thx TFW2005)& Alternators Smokescreen to the Clips & Picts page. Final Botcon also announced check it out!

7/13/03 - Sorry for the down time, had some problems with my ISP, but it's all good now, Im getting ready for BotCon 03 so check back on the 23 for some pre-botcon photos of the convention center.

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The Matrix Reloaded
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